Members Question Time was held at 11.00am at the Whaddon Way Church Centre, Beaverbrook Court, Bletchley, MK3 7JS on Saturday 14th September.

  Question Time Panel

Malcolm Groves - Club Vice-Chairman

Julie Constable - Head Of Insurance

Chris Newey - Head Of travel

Martin Spencer - Technical manager

After light refreshments, a complimentary visit was available for those Members attending the meeting to the nearby Bletchley Park Code Breaking Museum, MK3 6DS

where membersl discovered the secret code breaking methods and Enigma machines.

There is now a new exhibition at Bletchley Park about code breaking.

Alan Turing (above) will feature on the new £50 note


Northern Home Counties Regional Council

Report for Question Time held at Henley River & Rowing Museum

Question Time was held in the Thames Room of the Henley River & Rowing Museum on 16th September 2018. A delightful room with views over the River Thames and Mill Meadows through the panoramic windows.

The meeting was advertised to Members through an e mail sent on the 24th August and again published in the September issue of the Club Magazine.    

The meeting was preceded by a 1 hour riverboat tour from the nearby jetty, in glorious sunshine, where 44 members were taken on a tour of the river to include the route of the Royal Regatta and a historical commentary of the town and Regatta.

Booklets and leaflets ranging from European Travel, Escorted Tours, Days Out guides, Caravan and Motorhome courses and Club Insurance were on display throughout.

The Meeting was attended by 112 people (28 declaring as Centre Members) and commenced at 2.00pm with a good and varied supply of questions and continued through until 3.35pm.



Jackie Lee - Chairman of the Northern Home Counties Regional Council      

Rodney Lambert - Club Vice Chairman

Amanda Dunk - Regional Manager for the South East Sites

Emma McQuillan - Club Executive Secretary

Ellen Shotts - Commercial Accommodation Manager

Also attending and available for discussion was

Chris & Steph Lee - Site Wardens from Henley Four Oaks Club Site

Anne Hales - a Club volunteer European Tour Host

Q & A

A Member asked why the Club only e mail the lead member.

It was asked if the Club liaise with caravan makers regarding quality issues and can these be fed back into the magazine. RL explained that we do have a Technical Committee who seek to investigate caravan problems in general and Adrian Hobbs explained that there is a feedback method via the Clubs website

A Member expressed concerns that the new site and CL signs are not as prominent as the old Club signs.

It was suggested that where sat nav directions send you in the wrong direction when close to site a ‘don’t go this way’ sign could be erected

A member asked if there was an electric car approved by the Club that was suitable for towing and was the Club providing charge points at sites. RL explained that there are currently 18 different cars with 5 different plugs. He further explained that Malcolm Groves was currently evaluating metering on Club sites.

 Fuel for motorhomes and tow cars was questioned as to whether petrol or diesel was best. RL replied that diesel is now considered the cleanest and that diesel was best served for rural use and electric best for urban use.

 Waste water from motor homes was a concern where sites still retain metal lids on motor home dump points. It was explained that there is a shift from lids to metal grating but there is a cost implication.

A member raised the issue of tungsten light bulbs and their continued availability. RL explained that most caravans are now equipped with led’s.

A member advised that they were of the opinion that site wardens were implying that monies were going into yerts and pods at the expense of normal pitches. RL advised that 2 further sites were preparing for them but they are currently only a trial. ES advised that only ground not suitable for motorhomes or caravans was being used and that bookers were members or friends of members.

The use of wifi on Clubs sites was expanding and many members present thought the service should be provided free of charge. RL advised that a charge was appropriate as the cost of providing the service and the constant improvements required were expensive. Some Members were confused as to why they could only connect one device to the interne

A member was concerned that he was not able to book Club site pitches adjacent to his friends all of which had young family members. RL advised that the subject had been discussed by various committees and had decided the demand did not justify changing the booking system. After a 50/50 show of hands in favour of reserving pitches it was agreed to bring this to the attention of the Strategy Committee who were meeting in a few days’ time.

The meeting felt that the rolling year booking facility for Club sites was a good idea and was working well.

The Chairman mentioned that her caravan insurance premium had reduced in price this year on renewal from the Club.

The question of vacating sites at 12noon was discussed. Generally members are allowed to stay until 4.00pm with the permission of the Site Warden unless the site is full in which case the 12noon rule applies.

A Member asked why he was required to remove everything from his caravan or motorhome when admitted to a Caravan & Motorhome Club approved workshop for service as this is not always practical or welcome. RL was not aware of this requirement and referred the matter to Adrian Hobbs, a Member of the Clubs Technical Committee to seek clarification. It was thought to be a security and practical issue with damp checks on side walls inside cupboards etc.

A Centre Secretary spoke of her concerns that the Club did not take Centre rallies seriously and did not make land available for Centre use. It was noted that sites within this Region were generally full throughout the year and that the list circulated earlier in the year did not include any sites available to this Regions Centres.

It was reported that some information leaflets provided on Club sites were not always accurate and further proof reading should be carried out.

There has been some debate concerning leaving dogs in cars during periods of hot weather. Some members were concerned that dogs were being left in caravans and motorhomes.

The Regional Secretary advised the meeting that Members of some European Caravan Clubs are entitled to use our Club sites as a member and pay the member fee when staying in the UK. He enquired where he could find any detail of such a scheme when our members are staying in Europe. He further advised the meeting he had asked the same question on 3 separate occasions and still awaits the answer.

RL addressed the meeting to explain the workings of the Club as many Members were unsure of how all the pieces fitted together.

The Regional Chairman thanked everyone for attending especially the Panel, myself for organising the Event, Jackie Rickard for ensuring the safety of the passengers on the boat trips and Ulla Daniels with Audrey Cadman who ensured everyone was booked into the meeting.
Light refreshments were served on the terrace where the Panel mingled with Members in a more informal manner. A complimentary visit to the museum was very popular with many members taking advantage of the opportunity.

A final boat trip followed with a further 43 passengers to complete a very successful and acceptable Event.

The Event closed at 5.45pm.

Dave Rickard
Vice Chairman, Northern Home Counties Region
The Caravan & Motorhome Club   


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